Social media influencers are walking advertisements and selfie culture has introduced a mass of faces that can move product as well as a ’90’s Kate Moss. The digitisation of the beauty industry demands that companies use influencers to to create brand awareness and sell their products for them. Platforms such as Instagram and YouTube now dominate how we use and understand beauty and lifestyle.

– 1.2 billion selfies are taken a year and 270 million of these appear on Instagram- from the U.K. alone
– 5.4 million global beauty related videos are published a year on Youtube at a rate that will increase over 200% per year
– 2 in 5 British women viewing tutorials 
– 55% using Instagram as a source of content

The Book Agency’s focus is to work closely with brands and industries while simultaneously cultivating a hub of social media influencers. The agency, when approached by brands, will provide most suitable influencers to successfully create product hype and awareness. The connection between companies and social media influencers has never been so critical. Our goal is to make that connection quick, easy and effortless, creating successful content for both brands and influencers.

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